Addiction is a state of being attracted towards anything. When we talk about addiction, the most common thing which comes on to our mind is DRUG & ALCOHOL ADDICTION. Young adults are the one’s who are mainly engaged in this. Teenagers start taking drugs generally for two reasons :
1.They find it interesting since others are taking it
2.They feel this is one of the ways to overcome depression.
For every problem there are two options :
1.We can face the problem and try and find a solution
2.We can assume that there is no solution to the problem and spend our whole life crying.
We need to understand that we are the ones who can make heaven out of hell only by our understanding and the way we think.

There are many different types of addictions, such as : SOCIAL MEDIA , RELATIONSHIPS etc. These are some of the addictions which remain hidden. But actually they are the most dangerous types. People don’t know how they fall into this trap and can never get out of it. Nowadays people are more interested in someone else’s life. For example:- A person getting 98% is not happy because someone else got 99.8% . According to many surveys, DISSATISFACTION is one of the main reasons for suicides at this age. Dissatisfaction comes from comparing ourselves with others and trying to please others. Teenagers often get into relatiionships because it is something really ‘cool’ and forget about academics and other more importants things. They fail to understand that firstly we need to achieve all dreams, settle by ourselves, complete all our moral duties and then think about finding suitable life partners. Many people fail to think practically. SOCIAL MEDIA, though a good platform is now becoming the most hated thing among parents. People post about their daily life activities on social media and other people watch them and this causes other people to be jealous. For eg: a person who was happy with one car now wants another because someone else has more than one car. Social media gives rise to vague notions and customs and relationships is one of them.
People can get over these by valuing important things in life and think practically. We need to understand what is actually good for us and should strive to lead an upright , honourable and one’s own personal life rather than getting involved in others lives. We should spend time on thinking what is beneficial to us and not waste time on others, because at the end of the day it is only our own selves who will be affected by our results. So to conclude I want to ask everyone reading this to spend their time wisely because as said by AUTHOR “ALAN LAKEIN”–

Time = Life, Therefore, waste your time and waste of your life, or master your time and master your life.


EDITED BY- Editor-in-chief





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