The most important thing that we forget these days is the power of appreciation. We barely appreciate anything we have. We usually forget to thank God for all the blessings we have. If there ever comes a time when you feel you have nothing remember that you have your parents. There is  someone, somewhere who doesn’t. You have all your sense organs- someone, somewhere doesn’t. You’ve been loved, pampered, taken care of -someone somewhere hasn’t.When something bad happens to us we think we’re the only ones suffering but that’s not true,there is always someone suffering a lot, lot more than you. Love what you have and whom you have. Never underestimate the value of anything or any person in your life because once someone leaves, its never the same person who comes back.When we appreciate, it teaches us to give more rather than to ask, to love more than we used to and to feel much much better. We need to realise that there is someone somewhere who has much much less than what we have and yet is thankful but we are being ungrateful by not appreciating things.
Life is really short and what seems beautiful from the outside might not be as happy from the inside. Don’t look at someone and pray to God to have a life like them. You never know what they might be going through. And trust me, the day you begin to love yourself and appreciate everything you’re blessed with, is the day you’ll no longer feel sad. Everything will automatically become beautiful. Learn to appreciate before it gets too late.



3 thoughts on “APPRECIATION

  1. Very well written and truly an Appreacitable one! I’ll be herby visiting this page to see more articles from her! I hope she’ll write more amazing stuff like this! 👍


  2. You always come up with new and different things.. this is one of the best notes I’ve ever come across.❤ You’re an amazing soul dear💗 Stay blessed and I’m sure that you’ll always do Good in Life. Inshallah.💕


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