Exercising and living an active life is the best gift that you can give to your body. You may not understand the benefits now but trust me, your body will thank you later. Exercising for a few minutes every day not only gives you a healthy body but it improves your mental health as well. Exercise … Continue reading WHY IS EXERCISING NECESSARY?



THIS ARTICLE IS SUBMIITED BY A BRAVE HEART. SHE SHARES HER STORY AND WISHES TO HELP ANOTHER BEAUTIFUL SOUL. . . . . In my life of less than 20 years I feel that the circumstances I have been in have pushed me to the boundaries of emotional experiences. I’m not saying I have a … Continue reading DEPRESSION- A MAJOR ISSUE


The most important thing that we forget these days is the power of appreciation. We barely appreciate anything we have. We usually forget to thank God for all the blessings we have. If there ever comes a time when you feel you have nothing remember that you have your parents. There is  someone, somewhere who … Continue reading APPRECIATION


Addiction is a state of being attracted towards anything. When we talk about addiction, the most common thing which comes on to our mind is DRUG & ALCOHOL ADDICTION. Young adults are the one's who are mainly engaged in this. Teenagers start taking drugs generally for two reasons : 1.They find it interesting since others … Continue reading ADDICTION